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In the summer of 1914 Europe entered into what would become one of the world’s bloodiest conflicts. Before it would end in 1918, millions would serve in the massive armies of the opposing sides. Today that conflict is commonly known as World War 1.

Though the United States did not enter the war until April 1917, over four million young men were inducted into the nation’s military forces. Many were volunteers, but even more were drafted into the service. Some two million of these new soldiers were transported to the battlefields of Europe where over fifty thousand were killed in action or died of wounds. Approximately seventy thousand more died from disease and other causes.

The purpose of this site is to honor the millions of anonymous patriots who, some one hundred years ago, marched off to what they viewed as a noble cause to make the world safe for democracy. The photos you see here are just a fraction of the untold millions taken during the war years. Many were produced in the form of a postcard that could easily be mailed to loved ones back home. Unfortunately, few are identified by name or place of residence and thus they remain unknown American soldiers who risked their lives in the Great War.

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