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Superintendent's Blog: What About That Second High School?

Posted 5/8/2017

The Cabot School District is extremely fortunate to have amazing teachers, students, faculty, staff, programs, and facilities. As one of the top-rated districts in Arkansas, the opportunities we’re able to provide our students from pre-kindergarten through high school are endless. 

Throughout the years, we’ve experienced tremendous growth. The Cabot School District is the seventh largest in the state, with more than 10,000 students. Families want to be part of our district. However, a large number of students can sometimes bring up concerns, especially from parents.

Recently, the Arkansas Activities Association (AAA) released its 2018 reclassification numbers. The numbers are based on a three-year average enrollment of every high school in the state. In 7A, Cabot High School is the third largest in the state with an enrollment of 2,373 students. Springdale (2,413) is the largest and Springdale Har-Ber is second (2,402). Conway comes in fourth with a three-year average enrollment of 2,134. These numbers have once again sparked conversations and questions I’m often asked, including, “When are we going to build a second high school?”

Conway, Cabot, and Bryant are the largest districts in central Arkansas that have one high school. Fayetteville is the largest Northwest Arkansas district with one high school. Recently, Springdale, Rogers, and Bentonville have split into two high schools each. There are several challenges brought forward in a community when the flagship high school is split into two. 

It can be a major challenge and an emotionally charged project for a community since it has the potential to upset parents, students, teachers, and community members. There are many questions, including:

What about zoning?

What students will go where? 

Will that create dissention?

Will juniors and seniors be allowed to graduate from their current school or will they be moved to the new high school immediately? 

Is it possible to create two totally equal high schools?

Would a split help or hurt a student’s education?

Would it split the community?

Can it be accomplished without the perception that one school is for the “haves” and the other is for the “have-nots?” 

Unless you build two new schools at the same time, one will inevitably be the “old” school. Someone has to go to the “old” school and that starts the challenge of equality.

Keep in mind too, when you build a new high school, you’re starting from the ground up. Everything your original school has, your new school needs, from band, football, basketball, cheer, dance, fine arts, theatre, career-technical classes, advanced placement classes, etc. 

What about a new mascot? Would the new school still be called the Cabot Panthers? Often, the new school gets a new name and a new identity. Will we share Panther Stadium, Panther Arena, and Panther Fields?

Imagine dividing the staff, which teachers would go where?  You can’t make the next school significantly or physically better, or you’re going to create a lot of animosity.

As I mentioned above, in terms of numbers, right now Cabot High School has an enrollment of 2,373. Keep in mind though, this includes over 200 high school students enrolled at the Academic Center of Excellence (ACE) and ACE-North. They are included since they can enroll in activities at CHS. The high school campus has a capacity of 2,600 students according to the state facilities division, so it was planned with plenty of growth space. 

If we were to take the combined enrollments of CHS, ACE, and ACE-North (2,373) and split those today, it would give us two high schools of 1,186 students. Remember though, 1,186 includes ACE students, so the total number of students physically at CHS could be significantly less. ACE has a maximum capacity of 500 students.

To put this in perspective using the current enrollments released this week:

Springdale High School


Springdale Har-Ber High School


Bentonville High School


Bentonville West High School


Rogers High School


Rogers Heritage High School


Cabot High School 1

1,186 Minus ACE Students

Cabot High School 2

1,186 Minus ACE Students

Conway High School (1 HS)


Bryant High School (1 HS)


In fact, if we were to split CHS today, we would be classified as two Class 6A high schools

When using our K-12 enrollment and considering the three largest classes that will ever be at CHS in one year, based on those numbers that will be the year 2019-2020. If every student enrolled today in those grades were to remain in the district, though we typically have students drop as they get older, we would have 2,513 students attending CHS, ACE, and ACE-North. After 2020, those numbers will decrease based on current enrollment. 

Now, I understand that some kids do better in a smaller environment. That's why we developed the ACE and ACE-North programs. The award-winning charter school provides the same opportunities, but in an academic setting that is much smaller. If you have a student moving toward CHS and are worried they will not do well with the size, I highly encourage you to visit the ACE and ACE-North programs to find out what it is all about. In fact, ACE was recently named the National Charter School of the Year, and we host districts from everywhere that want to duplicate the program. It's worth checking out! If you would like me to help schedule a tour of the schools, just message me or contact them directly at 501-743-3520.

Finally, I understand the downside of being in a large district. I also know there are many positives due to the academic, career-technical, fine arts, and activity programs that can be provided. Most kids do great in the environment because they find that niche and peer group that fits them, and more often than not, it’s the parents that are more stressed about the size of the school than the kids. 

As always, our Cabot School Board and administration will continue to monitor student enrollment and do what’s best for our kids.

Superintendent’s Blog: Your Photo Fate

Posted 10/12/2016

We are having an increased problem in the Cabot School District with students sending and posting inappropriate pictures and images of themselves. This is not only a Cabot issue, it’s everywhere. It’s a problem in every school, every city, and in every state.

Do you really know what your children are doing online? When was the last time you looked through your child’s phone? If someone sent them a message asking for an inappropriate picture, would they push send? You may be surprised. Please take time to watch this important video, Your Photo Fate,” with your child.

In the video, you see a girl deciding on her “photo fate.” However, this is not just a girl problem. We’re seeing even more issues with boys sending and posting inappropriate pictures online. Kids are even being set up. They think they’re sending pictures to a supposed trusted friend, when in fact, that person is not a friend at all. 

Teens also need to realize both the sender and receiver could face serious consequences. Those private photos could and probably will resurface online. If they do, they never go away. They may even land the teens on a sex offender list. Being labeled a sex offender never goes away either. Parents need to make sure their teens truly understand that.

Please talk with them about what’s appropriate and not appropriate to post online, including illegal or inappropriate behavior, offensive language, threats of violence, underage drinking, drug use and hate speech.

Posting these things could damage their reputation at school, in the workplace or among their friends. They may be punished at school if what they post breaks school rules, be charged with a crime if they’re breaking a law or even hurt their chances of getting into college, getting a scholarship, or getting a job in the future.

Are you familiar with KiK, YikYak,, HiCalculator or Snapchat?  If you’re a parent and you don’t know, you may want to read up on some of these popular new social media apps kids are using. Technology is constantly changing. There are even apps that allow users to hide photos, videos, and messages.

Are you familiar with Finstagram or Finsta? It’s not an app; it’s a fake Instagram account. Kids can use it to trick their parents. They have them follow them on Instagram, but in reality they have a second “true” account where they post silly pictures and videos with a smaller circle of friends.

Remind your child even if they have a secret account under a fake name, everything is public. Any photo or video is out of their control the moment they post it. So called friends can still take screenshots of the pictures and post online for all to see.

While you don’t need to know all the ins and outs about apps and social media, knowing the basics including, what they are, why they’re popular, and what problems they could cause if not used responsibly, is extremely important.  

Day 5: First Week of School

Posted 8/19/2016

We have had a great first week in the Cabot School District! 

The credit for the successful week goes not only to our faculty, staff and students, but to parents and our community.

Thanks for your patience as you've waited in drop-off and pick-up lines. 

Thanks for your patience as we've added bus routes and changed bus stops. 

If there are any concerns with transportation that have not been addressed, let us know as soon as possible. Our transportation department can be reached directly at 501-743-3531.

If there is ever a classroom concern, contact the teacher immediately.  If there is a school concern, contact a building administrator immediately.  If you are not pleased with how the teacher or school addressed any concern, let me know immediately. 

Please keep in mind that while social media is a great way to network and share information and ideas, if you have a question or concern, please give us an opportunity to answer the question or address the concern. 

I can be reached by phone at 501-843-3363, email, or use the message template on the Superintendent’s page.

Have a great weekend!  Dr. Thurman  

New Supt. Blog: Dr. Thurman's First Day of School Message

Posted 8/14/2016

Good Sunday afternoon, this is Dr. Thurman, and I want to let you know how excited we are to welcome students back to school tomorrow morning.  

The beginning of school is also the return of school traffic.  It often takes a few days for school car rider lines to flow efficiently, so we would really appreciate your extreme patience when dropping off or picking up your child this week.  For students who ride the bus, please be at your bus stop at least 10 minutes before your scheduled pick up time Monday.  Parents, please remember that during the first week, afternoon buses can run up to 45 minutes late as students learn the procedures and routes. 

Transportation can be confusing for students on the first day of school, especially younger children.  Many parents like to drop off their child on the first day, but your child may not know how they will be getting home.  Please make sure you communicate to your student and school on whether they will be a car rider or bus rider on Monday afternoon.  

A transportation call center will be open to address any bus concerns beginning Monday afternoon through Thursday of this week.  The center will open at 3 p.m. each day and can be accessed by calling 501-743-3531. 

The Cabot School District now has a new online way for parents to apply for free and reduced priced meals. The information is on our district website and paper applications can be picked up in your student's school office. If you were receiving free or reduced price meals last year, it will be necessary to reapply for the new school year.  If you need assistance call at 843-3363 and ask for Food Service.

If you have a smart phone, please remember to download the Cabot Public Schools app.  This will keep you up to date on announcements, events, and you can even check your student’s grades.  

The Home Access Center will be available to parent this year to provide you with up to date information regarding grades, upcoming assignments and attendance.  Your login and password are the same as they were last school year.  If you are new to the district or you have forgotten your information, please contact your child’s school after Tuesday of this week and we’ll be glad to help.  

The safety and well-being of your children and our students is our number one priority.  Please understand that we will ask for identification if you need to check your child out during the day.  Students will not be allowed to be checked out by anyone who is not on the emergency contact sheet for your child. Please contact your child’s school if this information needs to be updated.  

Finally, we want you and your child to have a great experience at school. We can’t address issues and concerns if we are not made aware of them.  If there is a classroom concern, contact the teacher immediately.  If there is a school concern, contact a building administrator immediately.  If you are not pleased with how the teacher or school addressed the concern, let me know immediately. Always remember that we are here to partner with you. It’s imperative that we work together.  

My contact information can be found on our district website under the administration tab.  

Our children grow up very fast.  The years pass quickly and the moments are too special to take for granted.  Let’s have a good year and thanks for being a part of the Cabot School District! Go Panthers!

Summer Construction and Improvement Projects

Posted 6/10/2015

School is out but work continues at the Cabot School District. We have several summer construction and improvement projects underway. 

Westside Elementary School:
*New tile in the office
*Major renovation on two restrooms
*Adding additional parking area

Central Elementary School:
*New carpet in two classrooms

Northside Elementary School:
*Art Room is getting new tile
*Second phase of HVAC project is underway
*New lights and ceiling tile in every classroom


Southside Elementary School:
*New Carpet in one room

Junior High South:
*Halls are getting new baseboards
*Gym floors will be refinished

Junior High North:
*Gym floors will be refinished

High School:
*Phase 1 is complete of the parking lot renovation and redesign


*Phase 2 and 3 has started, old asphalt is being removed and the entire parking lot will be resurfaced in time for the beginning of school
*All the gravel areas will be asphalted


*Old gym and the annex gym floor will be refinished

Agriculture Education Department – S Building Renovation
*Construction continues on the 24,753 square foot remodel
*The existing facility is being remodeled to include:


Animal Science Facility
Metals & Woodworking Shop
Fully Automated Greenhouse
Aquaculture & Hydroponics Lab
Agriculture Business Lab
Television Broadcasting Studio/Video/Audio/Editing


Cabot Middle School South:
*All classrooms in the 6th grade hall will have old carpet taken out and replaced with new tile floors
*Kiva will have its carpet taken out
*6th grade playground will be moved to a new location to  create 36 additional parking spaces
*HVAC work will add more air to the kitchen

Ward Central Elementary:
*Dirt is being added to the playground to allow for more drainage

Panther Stadium:
*Visitor Concession Stand: Demolition is complete and the new 1,255 square foot building will house eight new bathrooms (4 women/4 men), 4 serving windows and additional storage for track  and field equipment
*Installation of a new sound system 


*Throughout the district all tile floors will be stripped of old wax and new wax applied. All carpets will be shampooed.

As you can tell, we have a lot of projects in progress at the Cabot School District. When students and staff return, they’ll be able to benefit from all these new additions and improvements. In the meantime, we hope you have a safe and happy summer and we can’t wait to see everyone back on Monday, August 17th. 

Cabot Public Schools

Elementary Schools (Grades PreK-4)

Central Elementary
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Eastside Elementary
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Academic Center of Excellence
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Cabot Freshman Academy

Cabot Freshman Academy
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Cabot Learning Academy

Cabot Learning Academy
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Cabot Middle School South
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Junior High Schools
(Grades 7-8)

Cabot Junior High North
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Cabot Junior High South
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