Supt. Dr. Thurman To Help Build School In Dominican Republic

Posted on 01/12/2016

Superintendent Dr. Tony Thurman is on a mission that will lead him 1,700 miles away from Arkansas.

On January 18-26, Dr. Thurman will participate in a Lifetouch Memory Mission to build a school in the Dominican Republic. The school will be built for children and families in a small, mountainous farming community called Constanza.

Lifetouch Photography, the leading national provider of school and family photography, organizes the trip and invites school administrators, school board members, principals and other educators and PTA members to work alongside Lifetouch volunteers and Dominican nationals to build the school.

Dr. Thurman, the only school administrator from Arkansas selected to attend this year, will travel with 51 other volunteers to begin construction on the new elementary school. 

During the trip, volunteers will work on a number of projects and have the opportunity to visit with community members and interact with teachers and students. They even get to participate in a day of photography for the students and families in the village, many of whom have never seen a photo of themselves.

Dr. Thurman will also have the opportunity to actually show his students in the Cabot School District how he’s helping children thousands of miles away. On Friday, January 22nd, at 10:30 a.m., Dr. Thurman will be holding two-way conversations with Cabot students using Google Hangouts On Air. They’ll not only get to hear about Dr. Thurman’s personal experiences, but they’ll be able to see the surroundings and the construction site. 

Dr. Thurman visiting with 6th grade middle school students before his trip. These students will be part of the Google Hangouts On Air.

The public is also invited to watch the hangout by going to and clicking on the YouTube link.

Click HERE to see the press release from Lifetouch photography.

Click HERE to watch a video from the 2015 Lifetouch Memory Mission.

These 6th Graders Will Get To See & Talk To Dr. Thurman While He's In The Dominican Republic

Dr. Thurman will soon be headed on a mission trip to help build an elementary school in the Dominican Republic. Today, he visited with some 6th grade students before his trip. While he's there, these students will get to participate in a Google Hangout with Dr. Thurman. They'll actually get to talk to him and see what he's doing while he's in the Dominican Republic. How awesome is that!!

Posted by Cabot Public School District on Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Dr. Thurman Visiting With Students Before His Mission Trip

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