November School Board Recognition 2016

Posted on 11/29/2016

Several budding artists and talented musicians were honored at the November School Board Meeting.

Lonoke County Hometown Health Poster Contest Winners

Eleven students were recognized by the Cabot School Board in November for winning the Lonoke County Hometown Health Coalition’s Healthy Community Poster contest. The theme was to draw a Healthy Tobacco Free Community.

The winning posters are featured in the 2017 Lonoke County Hometown Health Coalition calendar. Each student also received a gym bag full of goodies including art and school supplies.

Congratulations to these students:

JaLeaha Sage – Magness Creek Elementary
Jianna Henson – Mountain Springs Elementary
Mia Hoffer – Northside Elementary
Hamilton Paz – Westside Elementary
Hunter Daniel – Central Elementary
Kaylee Miller – Southside Elementary
Anna Walker – Stagecoach Elementary
Madisyn Terrell – Eastside Elementary
Alle Parker – Ward Central Elementary
Chance Reed – Cabot Middle School North
Micah Nickles – Cabot Middle School South

Cabot High School Band

Our Cabot High School Marching Band has had an amazing competition season. Seniors were recognized at the board meeting.

Kassidy Newton - Drum Major
Alexis Italiano - Guard Captain
Miya Tatum - Guard Co-Captain
Kyle Chidester
Geoffrey Criner
Kera Masters
Hope Waller
Emily Harness
Lindsey Davenport
Jared Gilliam - Percussion Section Leader
Hayden Plummer - Snare Section Leader
Rebecca Jolley 

Here is a look at the contests the Cabot High School Band competed in and all the awards they earned this season. Congratulations!

Ozark Contest
2nd place AAAA
7th Place Finals overall

Paragould Contest
Superior Drum Major
Superior Color Guard
Superior Percussion
Superior Band
2nd Place AAAAA Guard
4th Place overall

Power Band Classic Lake Hamilton
1st Division Guard
1st Division Percussion
1st Division Band
AAAAA Outstanding Percussion
AAAAA Outstanding Visual
2nd Place Overall Finals

Championship at the Rock
2nd Place AAAAA
2nd Place Overall Finals

1st Division Region Marching Assessment

1st Division at the FIRST ever State Marching Contest (only five of these are given out for AAAAA Bands in Arkansas).



Healthy Poster Contest Winners

Healthy Poster Artwork

November School Board Recognition 2016

November School Board Recognition 2016 Cont.

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