Panther Spotlight 3: Tina Wiley & Aaron Randolph

Posted on 09/28/2017

Cabot Public Schools is proud to present, “Panther Spotlight.” This new feature puts the spotlight on faculty and staff that are making a difference in the lives of our students every day. 

Throughout the school year, we’ll recognize one outstanding certified and one outstanding classified employee. 

This week, “Panther Spotlight” is proud to recognize Director of Finance Tina Wiley and Director of G/T, Advanced Placement, and Federal Programs Aaron Randolph.

Name:  Tina Wiley

Title:  Director of Finance

How long have you been with the Cabot School District?  This is my 9th year in the district.

What are your job duties?  My job is to manage the financial and business affairs of the district. I am responsible for preparing and monitoring the district budget. My office makes sure all employees and vendors are paid.  We also work to make sure the district has sound accounting practices and strive to have a good audit each year.  This is something that takes the support of many people in the district, including the Cabot Board of Education, Dr. Thurman, Directors, Principals, and many financial secretaries.  

Why do you love working for the Cabot School District?  Cabot is a great district to work in.  I have an awesome group to work with in my office. 

What did you do before working at the Cabot School District?  I worked for UALR for 13 years in several different accounting positions and then worked 16 years as Business Manager for the Beebe School District.

Please share a memorable moment.  In 2014, I received the Arkansas School Business Official Administrator of the Year award.  Dr. Thurman, Dr. Jeffcoat, and my husband, Roger, all surprised me when they were there for the presentation.

Why did you get into your field?  I have always liked working with numbers. Getting to do accounting work in a school district is very rewarding because we are also helping to support the education of children. 

If you didn't work in accounting, what would you be doing?  Nothing, I can't really imagine doing anything else. I would say working at Brighton, but I would end up paying them to work there.


Please share a motto or saying you live by.  God is good all the time; all the time God is good.  Also, treat others the way you want to be treated.

What is a fun fact about you?  I like to travel and try to collect a magnet for each place I have been.  I have a whiteboard in my office that I keep them on. When things get crazy, I can think about some of the places I have been to brighten the day.

What is something someone would be surprised to know about you?   People that know me well already know this but many may not. . .  I do not like to speak in front of people. That is actually getting outside of my comfort zone. 

Anything else you’d like to add?  I have been very fortunate to work with so many people in education.  I have made some great friends that work in accounting positions in districts all over the state.

What do you like to do in your spare time?  I like to shop and spend time with my grandchildren. 

Anything you would like to share about your family?  I will celebrate my 40th wedding anniversary in January. I have a daughter and son and they have blessed me with three grandchildren - Ramy, Bella, and Adam.

Paula Russell, Assistant Director of Finance:  “Mrs. Wiley is very deserving of receiving the Panther Spotlight award.  She is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.  She works many hours to make sure that all work for the district is as accurate as possible.  She not only juggles the leadership roles here at the District, but also has previously been on the Arkansas Association of School Business Officials board and heads up a mentoring group of School Business Officials.  She is an asset to this district and we are very lucky to have her.”

ameAaron Randolph

Title: Director of G/T, Advanced Placement, and Federal Programs

How long have you been with the Cabot School District? I've worked for the district for 8 years now. However, I grew up in Cabot and attended school here K-12.

What are your job duties? I have a number of different responsibilities in my current position. First and foremost I oversee our K-12 G/T program. In that position I work with all of our G/T staff in developing curriculum, identifying students, supporting students, and evaluating the program in order to best provide PD opportunities for staff. I also oversee the Pre-AP and AP Program. Through this I work with Mrs. Melissa Elliott, G/T Coordinator, to support our Pre-AP/AP staff in providing a college-level educational experience for our students. With both of those roles I also spend a great deal of time assisting parents with various issues and helping them find the best educational opportunities for their students. I am incredibly grateful to work with a fantastic staff and have the support from Mrs. Bonita Cook, administrative assistant to gifted programs, in supporting our gifted students.

The other role I have is that of Federal Programs Director. As such, I work with our Title I schools, ELL program, and the accounting office to make sure everything we do is for the benefit of our at-risk students and done according to federal, state, and local guidelines. This job demands a great deal of sitting behind a desk and looking at numbers. Mrs. Dernice Capps, my assistant, and I depend so much on Tina Wiley and the accounting staff for support with these roles.

All of these roles rather complement one another in one way: All kids are different and have different needs. My job is to make sure people understand these differences and to support the staff who directly provide services to those students in order to meet their various needs.

Why do you love working for the Cabot School District? I love working for our district because the district truly supports its staff members and wants to see its students succeed. After I graduated from Cabot, I have a distinct memory of telling myself and my friends "there's no way I'll EVER move back to Cabot." However, once I started working in education I realized just how fantastic of an educational experience I had as a student. I wanted to come back and provide that same experience to others.

What did you do before working at the Cabot School District? I was a teacher in the North Little Rock School District. Prior to that, I worked commercial construction for Kinco Contractors.

Please share any memorable or favorite moments? It's hard to boil it down to one distinct moment in my time here. I would probably say a crazy time I recall was when I was partnered with Dawn Verkler for the Dancing with the Cabot Stars a number of years ago. From an artistic standpoint, I'm awful. I needed dance steps painted on the floor and cannot understand why that's not allowed in competition! It was a tremendous amount of time and energy we devoted to that competition and I will say the relationships we formed through that process are fantastic. I'm pretty sure, by request of Dr. Thurman; the “Dawn and Aaron” show will NOT be making a surprise appearance at future dancing exhibitions! I was very fortunate to have Dawn as a partner because we genuinely get along and she's a wonderful human being. We also spent countless hours in group rehearsals, which gave us the opportunity to spend time with other district staff and non-district employees in a relaxed environment. 


Why did you get into your field? I've always felt that I was called to teach. So much of who I am was shaped by men and women who were unfortunate to have me as a student. I believe that every human being is called to teach others something, whether that is a trade or a skill.

If you didn't work in education, what would you be doing? I've always said I'd want to be a stand-up comic as I enjoy getting in front of a group of people and talking. However, my wife has told me repeatedly not to count on that as a retirement gig.

Please share a motto or saying you live by? "The key to successful improvisation is incredibly detailed planning." If you plan in detail for every outcome, when things go wrong you can very easily adapt to a situation. "Put your head down and push harder." I have often joked that this would be on the Randolph family crest were we to have such a thing. My parents raised my sister and I to be hard workers. Never quit working or give up on a job. I grew up working with animals, mending fences, building houses, and whatever else could be done with your hands.

What is a fun fact about you? I enjoy the study of languages. It was my intention when I was an undergraduate to be a professor of linguistics. I've studied five different languages between high school and my time at the U of A. I would also add God bless Jon Nichols for being the first of many language professors, whom I've had, that made learning a new language a fun adventure.

What is something someone would be surprised to know about you? I was a horrible student in high school. I know I drove my teachers and parents crazy not turning in assignments and being irresponsible with schoolwork. I was always able to perform well on assessments, so it usually wasn't a big issue. However, I had a few teachers like Jane Balgavy, Sharon Rogers, Jana Smith, Diana Paul, Lisa Bryant, and Dixie Atkins who were able to challenge me to strive to improve who I was and what I was doing. Not just to be worried about a grade at the end of the 6 weeks.

What do you like to do in your spare time? My family and I love to be outdoors. Camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, biking, working, etc. I love to be in the mountains as well.

Anything you would like to share about your family? My wife, Ann, and I have been married for a little over 10 years and have four wonderful children, two of whom are attending the same elementary school which I attended.

Dr. Tammy, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction:  Mr. Randolph works tirelessly in support of the Gifted and Advanced Placement Programs.  An alumnus of Cabot High School, his commitment to the students of the Cabot School District is deeply ingrained.  During his tenure, we have added several new AP offerings at CHS, including AP Environmental Science, AP Government, AP Computer Science Principles, and AP Computer Science A. In addition to serving as Director of Gifted and AP Programs, Mr. Randolph oversees the district's federal funding. This substantial responsibility could not rest in more capable hands. Mr. Randolph truly possesses a servant's heart.  He willing steps in whenever and wherever needed.  The Cabot School District is lucky to have such incredible an incredible staff member."

Congratulations Mrs. Wiley and Mr. Randolph on being our Panther Spotlight honorees.

Panther Spotlight: Tina Wiley

Panther Spotlight: Aaron Randolph

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