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UPDATED COVID-19 Information

*As of February 1, 2022
Updated Covid GraphicCabot Public Schools is committed to keeping our students and parents informed. That is why we have created and UPDATED our popular Frequently Asked Questions section regarding COVID-19 & Quarantine for K-12 students for the 2021-2022 school year.

*Please understand, Cabot Public Schools is following the directives/guidelines set forth by the Arkansas Department of Health and the Arkansas Department of Education's Division of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Of course, if you still have questions that are not answered below, information on who to contact is listed at the end of this section.

Remember, this is a working document. Please expect questions & answers to change frequently.

1. Will students and staff be required to wear face coverings/masks this year?
Face Covering Policy Effective October 13, 2021

2. What are the new changes regarding Isolation?
Isolation is required for someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, regardless of vaccination status. This person is required to:
*Stay home for at least five (5) days.
*If you have no symptoms or your symptoms are improving after five (5) days, you can return to school or work.
*Continue to wear a mask around others through the 10th day of isolation
If you have fever, continue to stay home for 24 hours after fever has resolved.

3. What are the new changes regarding quarantine?
Governor Hutchinson announced during his Tuesday (2/1/22) press conference that school districts are no longer required to quarantine probable close contacts. Therefore, PK-12 students and staff who are identified as probable close contacts will no longer be directed by the district to quarantine.

4. What is the best way to notify the district if a student or staff member has tested positive for COVID-19?
If you are a student or staff member of the Cabot School District and have tested positive for COVID-19, please complete the online Notice of Positive form. You will need to remain home. Please also contact your school nurse. Our District Point of Contact will reach out to you to discuss the positive test result.

5. How will you know if my student has received the COVID-19 vaccine?
If a student is identified as a probable close contact, they will need to provide proof they have been vaccinated. If you would like to provide documentation to our school health services department, you can click on the link below to upload a copy of your student's vaccine card. You must have a google account. Students can utilize their school email account if necessary.

If you are a staff member and have received a booster and would like to update your documentation, you can upload by using this link below.

If you have an issue uploading the documentation, you can also email it to

6. What happens if  a school or the district is closed ?
Our district will utilize it's approved AMI plan. The AMI or Alternative Methods of Instruction is what we have used for inclement weather days in the past.  On an AMI day, teachers will be responsible for providing students instruction/materials via Google Classroom. Any additional services (SPED, G/T, ESOL, etc.) will also be available via Google Classroom and/or Google meet. If students do not have adequate internet access or their specific additional services aren't available to be provided via digital means, then staff will provide follow-up services one school resumes. Staff will be available during school hours via email, Google Meet, and any other specific communication method that is used by that staff member or building. Students will have five days once school resumes to turn in their completed assignments. These assignments will be used for attendance and students can also receive a grade for assignments included in the AMI work.

7. If my child tests positive for COVID-19 and I have other kids in the district living in my home, do they all need to quarantine?
PK-12 students and staff who are identified as probable close contacts will no longer be directed by the district to quarantine.

8. Can I visit the school, classroom, or eat lunch with my student?
Parents can check their child out for lunch but will not be allowed to eat inside the school cafeteria with them at this time. Visits to the school will be limited to essential activity.

9. If my child has symptoms and takes a Rapid (antigen) COVID Test that comes back negative, can they return to school?
No. The options for return include:

A minimum of 5 days has passed since symptoms appeared and/or positive COVID result
AND fever free for 24 hours without the aid of fever-reducing medication
AND all other symptoms have improved

OR ● Negative COVID-19 test results are received and fever-free for 24 hours without fever-reducing medication. (Per ADH guidelines, rapid antigen tests with a negative result will not be accepted.)

10. Should parents continue doing a health check on their kids every day?
Yes. It is important to do a Health Check, which includes a temperature check and observation of any possible signs or symptoms regarding COVID-19 each morning, at home, before arriving at school or getting on the school bus.

11. What happens if a student comes to school sick?
The student will be screened by the school nurse. If the student exhibits COVID related signs or symptoms they will be sent home. The student will need to follow the illness instruction guidelines provided by the school nurse. The student will be required to check in again with the school nurse upon returning to school.

12. My student has signs and symptoms this morning of COVID-19, who should I contact?

Please isolate your child at home and contact your school nurse for guidance.

13. My student was sent home from school due to showing signs and symptoms of COVID-19, do I have to get them tested?
No, we cannot require you to test your child, but we do encourage you to get your student tested if he/she shows signs or symptoms. Please understand, your child will not be allowed to attend school if he/she continues to show signs and symptoms. Per ADH/ADE guidelines, rapid antigen tests with a negative result will not be accepted.

14. Where can I get my child tested?
Here is a list of some testing sites in our area.

Baptist Health Urgent Care – LIMITED TESTS PER DAY
Cabot, AR Open ⋅ Closes 8PM · (501) 628-9215

Baptist Health Urgent Care - LIMITED TESTS PER DAY
Jacksonville, AR Open ⋅ Closes 8PM · (501) 241-4510

AR Care-TeleHealth
811 South Pine Street

AR Care
105 N. Jackson St Cabot, AR Open ⋅ Closes 7PM · (501) 941-3522

AR Care Cabot South
502 Richie RD Cabot, AR Open ⋅ Closes 5PM · (501) 941-0940

AR Care Cabot West
AR-5 Cabot, AR Open ⋅ Closes 5PM · (501) 941-1376

15. My student has COVID related symptoms and was tested, but we don't have results yet. What should I do?
Please DO NOT send your student to school if he/she has taken a test and you are awaiting PCR results.

16. My student tested positive for COVID-19, do I have to provide a negative test for my student to come back to school?
No, if the isolation period (5 days) is complete, symptoms have improved, and the student has been fever free for 24 hours without the aid of medication, they may return to school. Please make sure you have reported the positive result to your school nurse.

17. What precautions will be taken for cleaning and sanitizing?
Disinfecting, sanitization, and cleanliness will continue to be a high priority on all our campuses. Extra attention will be given on high surface areas. In fact, the district has purchased 30 additional Clorox 360 machines, for a total of more than 50 machines throughout the district. Restrooms will also be continuously cleaned throughout the day. Students will be expected to wash or sanitize their hands throughout the day.

18. What about students who have special needs or students with compromised immune systems and pre-existing conditions?
The district is prepared to accommodate students with special needs. Our Special Education instructors will be taking extra precautions when working with students.

19. Will the district provide face coverings if my student wants one?
Yes. Please contact your school nurse.

20. Where can I get documentation that my employer is requesting regarding my student's quarantine due to being positive for COVID-19?
Please request a letter from our Director of Human Resources and Legal Affairs, Leila Seigrist. Her email is

21. If my student is in isolation due to being positive for COVID-19, will they still have access to free school meals?
Yes. Please contact our Director of Food Service Erin Wilkes at

37. What if I do not have internet access to do my school work?
If your student qualifies for “free or reduced-price meals" and you do not have internet access at home, call our Technology Department at 501-743-3503.

38. Who can I contact if I still have questions?
*District Point of Contact Sarah McNally at 501-743-3551 ext. 1213 or email

*Nursing Coordinator Vonda Morgan at 501-743-3551 ext. 1206 or email


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