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Meet Gus


The CFA School Dog!

Breed:  Goldendoodle
F1- 50% Golden Retrieve, 50% Standard Poodle
Date:  September 13, 2021- Cabot, Arkansas
Weight:  70 lbs  (and growing)
Handler:  Ahna Davis (Principal)

Gus was born in Cabot, Arkansas. His mom was an English Cream Golden Retriever and his dad was a chocolate Standard Poodle. Gus lives and trains with Ms. Ahna Davis, Principal at Cabot Freshman Academy. He has been at Cabot Freshman Academy since November 2021 in the role as a service dog with an emphasis on educational assistance. Gus has all of his vaccinations and serves the students, faculty and staff at CFA daily. Gus is hypoallergenic and is bathed/groomed frequently.

Gus began his training with Kathie Ball, Loving Dog Training trainer, on December 15, 2021. After six weeks of training, he passed his puppy exam on February 2, 2022. He entered the Canine Good Citizen Program on February 23, 2022 and passed that exam on April 9, 2022. He is currently training for his public access and educational assistance dog certification. The tests for those certifications will be administered during the spring of 2023 after he turns a year and a half old.

Gus has a very laid back personality. He is calm and enjoys socializing with students, parents, teachers and staff. Instinctively, he knows when students, teachers and staff need his attention. Gus knows a wide variety of commands such as sit, stay, up and down, and he can even give high fives! Gus loves to play but also knows when it is time to work. You can often catch him roaming the halls with Ms. Davis during class changes, socializing with students during lunch or visiting classrooms to provide some extra support to those who may be having a rough day.

As great of a resource that Gus is to all students and staff in regards to their social/emotional needs, we understand you may prefer your student not to interact with Gus in a one-on-one or classroom environment. If you are unsure or have any question regarding Gus and any interaction with your student or if you DO NOT want your child to have direct personal interaction with Gus, please email Ms. Davis directly at . If this is the case, also please remind your student that he/she cannot approach or interact with Gus.

Loving Dog Training Vaccination Record Canine Good Citizen Title Certificate
AKC's Canine Good Citizen Program Insured by Canine Liability Dean Insurance 

Meet Gus

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