October 2018 School Board Recognition

Posted on 11/01/2018

Proud parents packed the October school board meeting as some of our top students were recognized for their academic achievements.

AP Scholars 

The district is proud to recognize the 2018 AP Scholar Award recipients from Cabot High School.

Students enroll in AP or Advanced Placement courses to gain the experience of college-level work, within the safety and structure of the high school environment. Students have the opportunity to gain college credit for these courses if they succeed not only in the classroom, but also on their AP exams. 

These are typically 3-4 hour-long comprehensive exams at the end of the year that assesses a student’s knowledge of a particular subject. AP Exams are given a numerical score between 1-5, which correlates to the level of preparedness for college. A score of 3, 4, or 5 on an AP Exam is considered a successful score.

The College Board presents AP Scholar Awards in recognition of those students who have attained college-level achievement through multiple courses and multiple exams.

The Cabot School District is pleased to announce we had a total of 93 AP Scholars for the 2018 exams. Many of our AP Scholars graduated in May. However, the school board had the honor of recognizing two groups of scholars that are currently enrolled at Cabot High School. 

The AP Scholar Award is given to those students who have taken a minimum of three exams and achieved scores of 3 or higher on 3 of those exams.

Congratulations to our AP Scholars: 

(Not pictured in order) Lindy Cook, Logan, Austin Elliott, Nicholas Fulmer, Kyler Hayes, Lawson Hudson, Robert Kingston, Emma Lowry,Tyler Matchett, Lyndon Nichols, William Nickols, Kassity Pace, Julia Phillips, Spencer Price, Somer Shannon, Zachary Slunder, Claire Tebbutt, Brandon Tipton, Jessica Vaughn,Jennifer Wu, and Zheng Zhang.

AP Scholar with Honor

The AP Scholar with Honor recognition is given to those students who achieve an average score of at least 3.25 on all AP Exams taken, AND scores of 3 or higher on 4 or more of these exams.

Congratulations to our AP Scholar with Honor recipients:

(Not pictured in order) Dylan Dixon, Nathaniel Fredricks, Joshua Green, Skyler Mantooth, Margaret Martin, Jerry Matella, Jack Neumann, LaRae Shurley, and Hannah Tauriello.

National Merit Semifinalists

The Cabot School District is proud to recognize our National Merit Semifinalist for 2018.

The National Merit Scholarship Program is an academic competition for recognition and scholarships that began in 1955. High school students enter this program by taking the Preliminary SAT and by meeting published program entry and participation requirements.

Congratulations Claire Tebbutt. Claire is one of about 16,000 students in the country and one of only 132 in Arkansas who have been named as National Merit Semifinalists by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation and she deserves to be recognized for that achievement.

October School Board Recognition 2018

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