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Spring 2022 College Signing Day: 13 Athletes

May 6, 2022

The Cabot Athletic Department held a college signing ceremony for thirteen student-athletes May 4th in the Cabot High School Panther Arena.

Family and friends joined each student as they said a few words of gratitude for their coaches, family, and friends before announcing where they would be continuing their academic and athletic career.

Group Picture of the 2022 Spring Signing Day Students

Congratulations to Cole Eason (Wrestling - OBU), Micah Morrison (Football - Lyon College), Baylee Jost (Track/CC - Wittenberg University), Karis Martin (Track and Cheer - OBU), Jasmine McDonald (Athletic Training - ASU), Eliza Derryberry (Volleyball - Central Baptist College), Hayden Prewitt (Baseball - SAU Tech), Conner Titus (Baseball - Highland CC), Kaden Smith (Baseball - SAU Tech), Brianna Garriga (Softball - ASU), Adreya Braddy (Softball - ASU), Paige Peirpoint (Softball - ASU), and Landon Hardister (Swim - Hendrix).

Cole Eason and Micah Morrison
Baylee Jost and Karis Martin

Wrestling - Cole Eason, Football - Micah Morrison, and Track/CC - Baylee Jost and Karis Martin.

Baseball Group Picture of College Signees: Hayen, Conner, and Kaden
Jasmine McDonald and Karis Martin College Signees

Softball: Paige Peirpoint, Adreya Braddy, and Brianna Garriga. Athletic Trainer - Jasmine McDonald and Cheer - Karis Martin.

Eliza Derryberry and Landon Hardister - College Signings
Baseball Signees: Hayden Prewitt, Kaden Smith, and Conner Titus

Volleyball: Eliza Derryberry and Swim: Landon Hardister. Baseball: Hayden Prewitt, Kaden Smith, and Conner Titus.

Congratulations students!

Cole & Micah: Spring College Signing 2022
Baylee & Karis: Spring College Signing 2022
Jasmine & Eliza: Spring College Signing 2022
Hayden & Conner: Spring College Signing 2022
Kaden & Brianna: Spring College Signing 2022
Adreya & Paige: Spring College Signing 2022
Landon: Spring College Signing 2022

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