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Health & Wellness


Physical Education Mission:

Preparing our students for a lifetime of physical activity...
every class, every student, every day!

We have adopted the PE 4 Life Core Principles, we believe physical education should...
  • Be directed to all students, not just the athletically inclined
  • Offer a variety of fitness, sport, leisure and adventure activities
  • Provide a safe and encouraging learning environment
  • Utilize individual assessment
  • Incorporate current technology
  • Extend beyond the walls of the gymnasium
  • Ideally be offered to every child every day

Tobacco Cessation Links:
Suicide Prevention Links:
Injury Prevention Links:
Child Health Link:

School Wellness Activity:

Wellness Policy
2020-2021 Wellness Committee Members
Triennial Assessment

Wellness Committee Requirements - Documentation of Completion: 2019-2020 Report

School Health Index: 2019-2020 Report

Wellness Committee Minutes: September 2020

View Previous Reports and Minutes

Vision & Mission

The Cabot School District is committed to educating all students to be responsible citizens who value learning, treat others with
dignity and respect, and adapt successfully to the demands of the rapidly changing society.

The Cabot School District is committed to
"Preparing Today's Students for Tomorrow's Opportunities."