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Elementary Quiz Bowl Tournament 2024

February 27, 2024

It was an exciting day for dozens of Cabot 4th graders in the Gifted and Talented program as they participated in the 2024 Elementary Quiz Bowl Tournament on Friday, February 9th.

Elementary Quiz Bowl

Sixteen teams, each coached by a Cabot High School student took part in the academic competition. Competitors were tested in areas including math, science, vocabulary, spelling, literature, trivia, sports and geography.

Elementary Quiz Bowl
Elementary Quiz Bowl

The top four teams (Eagles, Tarantulas, Crocodiles, and Piranhas) played in the finals and then the top two teams competed to see who would take home the title. It came down to the Eagles and Tarantulas with the Eagles taking 1st place!

Elementary Quiz Bowl
Elementary Quiz Bowl

Congratulations to all the teams who participated!

Quiz Bowl Winners

Eagles 1st Place:
Coach: Chloe Rochelle
Captain: Andy Buck
Carter Moseley
Janessa Grunwald
Jayden Williams
Rowan Martin
Audrey Romero

Quiz Bowl Winners

Tarantulas 2nd Place
Coach: Jeremy Jackson
Captain: Bentley Landers
Jacob Kraft
Parker Lloyd
Noah Henson
Azailyah Lloyd

Quiz Bowl Winners

Crocodiles 3rd Place
Coach: Emmalee Hilbert
Captain: Levi McAfee
Hadley Grande
James Davis
Edward Leubner
Aubrey Farland

*Thank you to First Baptist Church in Cabot for allowing us to use your amazing facilities and to all the Cabot High School faculty and students for helping with the Elementary Quiz Bowl Tournament. Also, a big thank you to our Gifted & Talented Specialists and staff for your hard work in making this tournament a success every year.

Elementary Quiz Bowl 2024
Elementary Quiz Bowl 2024 Cont.

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