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February School Board Recognition 2024

February 27, 2024

All-State Band Recognition

Congratulations to our Cabot High School Band All-State Band members! These 20 talented students were recognized at the February 20th Cabot School Board meeting.

Students selected for All-State are pursued to attend colleges and universities to play in band. These students are offered a great amount of money even if they do not major in music.

All-State Band

Congratulations to our All-State Band members:

Rhianna Bowen, Concert, Flute
Taylor Kemp, Symphonic, Oboe
Lola Landreth, Concert, Bassoon
Brody Volpert, Concert, Bassoon
Samantha Rodenbeck, Symphonic Orchestra, Bassoon
Claire Muller, Symphonic, Clarinet
Abigail Hann, Symphonic, Clarinet
Allie Goertzen, Symphonic, Clarinet, 3 year All-State Senior
Annie Hogue, Concert, Clarinet
Nina Hernandez, Concert, Clarinet
Brianna McCoy, Concert, Bass Clarinet
Chance Christiansen, Concert, Contra Clarinet
Maddie Peck, Wind Symphony, French Horn, 3 year All-State Senior
Jonathan Henson, Symphonic Band, French Horn, 3 year All-State Senior
Callie McCoy, Concert Band, Trumpet, 3 year All-State Senior
Sara Sarrotte, Symphonic Orchestra, Trumpet
Aiden Ramsey, Concert Band, Trombone
Cord McCall, Concert, Tuba
Patrick Esau, Symphonic Band, Percussion
Issac Fredricks, Concert Band, French Horn

Family Service Credential Recognition

Congratulations to these amazing Pre-K Family Liaisons! These five liaisons have completed the Family Service Credential training. That's 54 hours of training along with projects to reflect their learning.

This group worked through the course over a four month time span and completed it just to become better at what they do. They are always eager to learn new ways to support our Cabot families. We are blessed to have them! Congratulations!

Pre-K Liaisons


Roni Dillard - Mountain Springs Elementary School
Amy Whitfield - Ward Central Elementary
Lori Phillips - Central Elementary School, Cabot School District
Crystal St. John - Northside Elementary
Ashley Belden-Jones - Westside Elementary, Cabot School District (not present)

Student Spotlight
Kelsey Carson, CMSS

Kelsey Carson is a 6th grade student at Cabot Middle School South. Kelsey is in our Gifted and Talented programs and she was also a Spelling Bee finalist for Cabot Middle School South this year, representing her school in the district Spelling Bee. Kelsey calls herself a "child of the theater." She loves acting, drawing, and anything creative. Her teachers speak very highly of her in classes. She is always contributing to class discussions and offering unique perspectives. She is articulate and wise beyond her years. We are so proud of Kelsey and her willingness to use her talents for the betterment and success of others through our PLC process. She recently worked with our IIF to create a visual for the reading part of one of our CFAs (common formative assessments). This artwork supported the passage the students were reading and helped our ESL students that are learning to read, write, and speak in English.

School Board Recognition
School Board Recognition

PLC Building Recognition
Cynnamon Brown, CMSS

Cynnamon Brown is both an ESOL/ESL teacher at Cabot Middle School South. Mrs. Brown was previously a 5th grade Science and Social Studies teacher and Cabot Middle School South Teacher of the Year. Since taking on her position of ESOL/ESL teacher, Mrs. Brown has become an integral part of every PLC on campus. She continually works with teachers on both grade levels and across all contents to help her students be successful in their everyday classrooms, as well as through the PLC process. She works with teachers to build assessments and classroom instruction that supports our ESL students and gives great insights on instructional practices that best support and ensure our ESL students' success.

Student Spotlight
Dylan Jackson, CHS

Dylan Jackson is a student that has progressed and matured greatly since his 10th grade year. He is now a senior. He is our Student Spotlight because of, not only his academic growth, but also because of his social growth. He is a bright spot on campus because he always greets everyone with a smile and seems to be very happy to be here. His teachers love him and brag on him often. A key focus area at CHS has always been student relationships. Dylan has flourished because teachers have taken him under their wings. Everyone loves Dylan!

School Board Recognition
School Board Recognition

PLC Building Recognition

Tasha Rowe and Sheila Nguyen, CHS

Tasha Rowe teaches Special Education English and Sheila Nguyen teaches English. They have worked together for 12 years and they are a great example of what a co-teaching team looks like. They love kids and will go the extra mile to reach any student. They are pleasant, positive and always willing to do anything to make CHS a better place. Both are also leaders on the high school campus. These two are awesome!

February School Board Recognition 2024

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