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Nominees for Cabot Public Schools Teacher of the Year 2024

March 12, 2024

Congratulations to these outstanding educators for being nominated for Cabot Public Schools Teacher of the Year 2024!

Nearly 500 educators were nominated by their supervisors, colleagues, parents, students, staff, and community members.

All certified nominees are eligible to apply for their school level Teacher of the Year award. School level winners will be announced in mid-April.

Congratulations again to all the nominees. We are Panther Proud of your recognition!

Misty Abston - Magness Creek Elementary
Justin Acree - Freshman Academy
Casey Adams - Ward Central Elementary
Teresa Adams - Middle School South
Heather Akridge - Middle School South
Shelly Alford - Central Elementary
Kelly Allison - Magness Creek Elementary
Kristi Altstock - Mt. Springs Elementary
Denise Amis - Cabot High School
Jeri Anderson - Jr High North
Jessica Arellanes - Jr High South
Melinda Asewicz - Cabot High School
Maggie Ashburn - Cabot High School
Allison Astin - Jr High North
Victoria Atchley - Jr High South
Brandy Aycock - Magness Creek Elementary
Stacy Babb - Westside Elementary
John Bailey - Cabot High School
Kelly Baird - Mt. Springs Elementary
Jane Balgavy - Freshman Academy
Terry Ball - Freshman Academy
Faith Ballard - Mt. Springs Elementary
Paxton Barker - Middle School North
Amber Barnes - Southside Elementary
Brittany Bartley - Westside Elementary
Wendy Bass - Ward Central Elementary
Stacy Bean - Mt. Springs Elementary
Ashely Beaston - Freshman Academy
Tawny Beaulieu - Cabot High School
Michelle Benson - Cabot High School
Jessica Benson - Cabot Learning Academy
April Bevis - Southside Elementary
Ally Bevis - Southside Elementary
Joyce Biggs - Stagecoach Elementary
Ciara Bilderback - Freshman Academy
Hannah Binyon - Cabot High School
Bekah Bittle - Westside Elementary
Debby Blankenship - Middle School North
Melani Blansett - Cabot High School
Kristen Bokker - Freshman Academy
Stephanie Bostick - Middle School North
Cheyenne Bowerman - Eastside Elementary
Angie Bowman - Jr High North
Joey Bowman - Jr High North
Lisa Bradshaw - Jr High South
Payton Bradshaw - Jr High South
Brooklyn Bridges - Southside Elementary
Lindsay Brockinton - Freshman Academy
Bj Brooks - Cabot High School
Roy Brown - Jr High South
Kara Brown - Mt Springs Elementary
Cynnamon Brown - Middle School South
Mikayla Brown - Middle School North
Ashley Bryant - Cabot High School
Michael Bryant - Cabot High School
Jennifer Bryant - Freshman Academy
Angela Bryant - Stagecoach Elementary
Heather Buchman - Magness Creek Elementary
Taylor Bunting - Jr High North
Tara Burke - Ward Central Elementary
Rhonda Burlin - Cabot High School
Whitney Burns - Middle School North
Stephanie Butler - Jr High South
Emily Cain - Magness Creek Elementary
Mike Calvert - Cabot High School
Kayla Cantrell - Freshman Academy
Jennifer Carballo - Freshman Academy
Carissa Cardillo - Middle School South
Bridgette Cardona - Stagecoach Elementary
Ashley Carlisle - Magness Creek Elementary
Sara Carr - Mt. Springs Elementary
Samantha Carter - Westside Elementary
Sara Carter - Ward Central Elementary
Stacey Cates - Freshman Academy
Shea Cauthon - Cabot High School
Amy Champlin - Eastside Elementary
Kham Chanthaphasouk - Freshman Academy
Courtney Childs - Eastside Elementary
Tonya Choate - Middle School North
Anna Cimino - Magness Creek Elementary
Stephanie Clark - Southside Elementary
Rachel Clawson- Eastside Elementary
Jennifer Claypoole - Ward Central Elementary
Joni Coats - Eastside Elementary
Seth Coats - Jr High South
Sydney Cobb - Jr High North
Adam Collie - Jr High South
De Collie - Westside Elementary
Bailey Jo Collins - Cabot High School
Ryan Collins - Cabot High School
Kaeleigh Colston - Magness Creek Elementary
Jazmyn Conner - Southside Elementary
Jay Cook - Cabot High School
Stacey Cook - Westside Elementary
Nikki Cook - Middle School South
Jennifer Cook - Middle School North
Amanda Coombe - Cabot High School
Mark Cooper - Jr High North
Lacy Copley - Freshman Academy
Brandi Cordell - Eastside Elementary
Kristy Cotillier - Southside Elementary
Sydney Covington - Magness Creek Elementary
Candy Crumbly - Eastside Elementary
Anna Cullum - Stagecoach Elementary
Candice Cutrone - Middle School North
Ryan Davenport - Middle School South
Jennifer David - Southside Elementary
Daniel Davis - Cabot High School
Wes Davis - Cabot High School
Tanner Dippolito - Cabot High School
Valerie Doll - Magness Creek Elementary
Brett Dominguez - Southside Elementary
Cylee Drake - Cabot High School
Hannah Driskill - Southside Elementary
Barry Duncan - Freshman Academy
Lindsey Duncan - Southside Elementary
Suzanna Duncan - Middle School South
Tina Dunn - Southside Elementary
Charlotte Eastham - Middle School South
Stephanie Edmondson - Middle School South
Amanda Eggerth - Mt. Springs Elementary
Carla Eifling - Southside Elementary
Melissa Elliott - Cabot High School
Misty Embry - Middle School South
Lynette Farnsworth - Eastside Elementary
Karaline Faught - Ward Central Elementary
Marideth Firman - Westside Elementary
Brooke Fitch - Eastside Elementary
Susie Fleming - Jr High North
Brandi Fletcher - Jr High North
Lauren Flowers - Magness Creek Elementary
Edgar Fonda - Middle School North
Benjamin Ford - Jr High North
Kaycee Ford - Ward Central Elementary
Stephanie Ford - Middle School North
Ginger Forster - Cabot High School
Kylee Fortner - Freshman Academy
Jana Foster - Stagecoach Elementary
Jessica Franzen - Cabot High School
Raydyn French - Northside Elementary
Amy Frye - Middle School North
Daniel Fuller - Middle School South
Maureen Gagnon - Westside Elementary
Caroline Gairhan - Stagecoach Elementary
Angie Gaston - Central Elementary
Tammy Gately - Cabot High School
Jennie Gates - Eastside Elementary
Sean Gibson - Cabot High School
Leah Gilbert - Cabot High School
Morgan Gill - Middle School South
Nichole Glass - Middle School North
Lauren Glaze - Magness Creek Elementary
Dylan Glover - Cabot High School
Carrie Glover - Middle School North
Hope Glover - Middle School North
Laura Glover - Middle School North
Elaine Goertzen - Middle School South
Derrek Goff - Cabot High School
Ashley Gonyea - Eastside Elementary
Helen Goodman - Cabot High School
Amber Gorecke -Magness Creek Elementary
Skylar Graham - Cabot High School
Elise Gray - Freshman Academy
Kristen Green - Eastside Elementary
Liz Green - Cabot High School
Debbie Grimes - Stagecoach Elementary
Kera Gross - Southside Elementary
Ryann Grubbs - Freshman Academy
Christine Guenard - Cabot High School
Mason Guthrie - Jr High North
Valerie Hackney - Middle School North
Katie Hague - Middle School South
Jeremy Halbrook - Jr High South
Cori Haley - Southside Elementary
AprilHamm - Middle School South
Rachel Hammett - Eastside Elementary
Kaitlin Hancock - Freshman Academy
Ashley Hancock - Jr High South
Nick Hancock - Southside Elementary
Robert Hanle - Stagecoach Elementary
Stephanie Hanley - Eastside Elementary
Erica Hann - Freshman Academy
Brandi Harbour - Mt. Springs Elementary
Kandace Hardcastle - Central Elementary
Cherie Harless - Cabot High School
Tina Harris - Jr High North
Wendy Harris - Magness Creek Elementary
Hannah Harris - Middle School South
Amanda Harrod - Central Elementary
Rusty Hart - Cabot High School
Heather Hawk - Jr High South
Brent Hawley - Jr High South
Keith Hayes - Southside Elementary
Leigh Haynes - Middle School South
Shea Heagerty - Stagecoach Elementary
Tonya Hefley - Freshman Academy
Connor Heinz - Cabot High School
Summer Helmbeck - Cabot High School
Jodi Hennesy - Freshman Academy
Beth Hicks - Cabot High School
Erin Hicks - Northside Elementary
Jackie Higgins - Central Elementary
Jessica Hilbert - Jr High North
Kathy Hill - Westside Elementary
Emily Hipp - Central Elementary
Tim Hobbs - Jr High South
Sharon Hobson - Magness Creek Elementary
Tracey Hodge - Freshman Academy
Taylor Hogan - Eastside Elementary
Ethan Holland - Jr High South
Nicole Holmes - Ward Central Elementary
Jennifer Holowell - Stagecoach Elementary
Jodi Hood - Westside Elementary
Rachel Hood - Middle School North
Rita House - Cabot Panther Academy
Kimberly Howey - Mt. Springs Elementary
Eric Hunt - Cabot High School
Sierra Hurley - Middle School North
Amy Huston - Jr High South
Kerrie Irwin - Jr High South
Aubrey Ivy - Central Elementary
Cody Jackson - Freshman Academy
Hunter Jackson - Freshman Academy
Dondra James - Cabot High School
Maggie Jeffers - Middle School South
Danielle Johns - Cabot High School
Melisa Johnson - Eastside Elementary
Chuck Johnson - Cabot High School
Joan Johnson - Cabot High School
Kristy Johnson - Westside Elementary
Mollie Johnson - Middle School South
Hannah Johnson - Middle School North
BJ Jones - Cabot High School
Tim Jones - Jr High South
Brian Jones - Jr High North
Meagan Joslin - Jr High North
Mary Kastner - Cabot High School
Twyla Kester - Cabot High School
Jordan Kincheloe - Southside Elementary
Greer King - Jr High South
Christy Kittinger - Middle School South
Karen Klein - Middle School South
Marissa Koeneke - Central Elementary
Theresa Krenn - Eastside Elementary
Ashlee Kulsa - Central Elementary
Cindy Lancaster - Cabot Panther Academy
Jennifer Landers - Southside Elementary
Hope Larson - Middle School South
Tim Lawrence - Jr High North
Jamie Layes-Shelton - Freshman Academy
Jessica Lehman - Middle School South
Ginger LeQuieu - Middle School North
Heather Leytham - Westside Elementary
Mitch Lilly - Cabot High School
Jamie Linderman - Magness Creek Elementary
Ben Lippert - Jr High North
Cara Loe - Ward Central Elementary
Courtney Loukota - Middle School South
Stephanie Lowrey - Mt. Springs Elementary
Diana Lujan - Magness Creek Elementary
Abbey Lundy - Cabot High School
Jason Lundy - Jr High South
Angel Lynch - Cabot High School
Mindy Lynn - Cabot High School
Christy Lyons - Stagecoach Elementary
Lindsay MacMillan - Magness Creek Elementary
Peggy Magdaleno - Jr High North
Edward Maharg - Middle School South
John Major - Freshman Academy
Whitney Malham - Eastside Elementary
Melonie Mann - Freshman Academy
John Marsh - Jr High South
Shellah Marsh - Jr High South
Kaitlin Marshall - Jr High South
Adria Martin - Stagecoach Elementary
Heather Mattera - Northside Elementary
Laura Matthews - Central Elementary
Skye Maxwell - Jr High North
Olivia McAlister - Westside Elementary
Casey McAnally - Middle School North
Rachel McAnulty - Magness Creek Elementary
Brady McCarley - Freshman Academy
Ashley McCarty - Cabot High School
Chad McCoy - Cabot High School
Jesse McCoy - Middle School North
Cyndi McCrory - Jr High South
Ashlee McDaniel - Middle School North
Emma McDonald - Cabot High School
Kellie McDonald - Jr High South
Cindy McEuen - Cabot High School
Ashley McFadden - Northside Elementary
Shola McFadden Kitrell - Freshman Academy
Kelcie McGregor - Middle School South
Kalene McLachlan - Central Elementary
Lindsay McNeill - Jr High South
Nolan McNiel - Middle School South
Christy Melder - Cabot High School
Lee Melder - Cabot High School
Katherine Melikian - Westside Elementary
Sarah Miley - Northside Elementary
Ashley Missman - Middle School South
Nicole Mogish - Eastside Elementary
Oriana Montoya-Banda - Middle School North
Brooke Moore - Ward Central Elementary
Ashley Morales - Magness Creek Elementary
Bailey Morgan - Central Elementary
Caitlin Moseley - Eastside Elementary
Marsha Moses - Stagecoach Elementary
Kathy Motes - Cabot Panther Academy
Hunter Mullin - Freshman Academy
Mary Murtishaw - Jr High South
Heather Nelson - Cabot High School
Sheila Nguyen - Cabot High School
Deborah Nicholas - Middle School North
Kimberly Noblitt - Stagecoach Elementary
Craig Nyborg - Cabot High School
Jayme Nyborg - Cabot High School
Craig O'Neal - Jr High South
Samantha Oliver - Middle School North
Leah Panter - Middle School North
Alec Park - Cabot High School
Edward Passini - Jr High South
Maddie Patrick - Mt. Springs Elementary
Scott Patterson - Central Elementary
Andrea Patterson - Cabot High School
Melissa Pay - Southside Elementary
Lindsey Peerson - Cabot High School
Bianca Pernillo - Cabot High School
Hannah Pigman - Eastside Elementary
Sara Polston - Middle School South
Jillian Pounders - Eastside Elementary
John Prater - Freshman Academy
Van Prevatt - Jr High North
Julie Pritchett - Southside Elementary
Jennifer Prowse - Northside Elementary
Miriam Pruitt - Freshman Academy
Alice Pugh - Mt. Springs Elementary
Quinton Ragland - Cabot High School
Shane Raper - Jr High South
Jamie Reeves - Jr High North
Stephanie Rice - Jr High North
Alexandra Rice - Middle School South
Callie Richard - Middle School South
Melissa Richmond - Middle School South
Wanetta Riegling - Jr High North
Kelly Riggan - Mt. Springs Elementary
Jennifer Riley - Cabot High School
Charli Rivera - Middle School South
Emily Roberson - Ward Central Elementary
Sean Robertson - Freshman Academy
Kim Robertson - Middle School South
LeAnn Robertson - Middle School South
Sierra Robinson - Cabot High School
Abbey Rogers - Cabot High School
Rebecca Rogers - Freshman Academy
Joy Rogers - Middle School North
Kelley Rollins - Northside Elementary
Whitney Rook - Jr High North
Megan Rothacher - Southside Elementary
Natasha Rowe - Cabot High School
Kim Rowe - Mt. Springs Elementary
Teresa Rowland - Cabot High School
Corey Ruff - Cabot High School
Chloe Ruple - Mt. Springs Elementary
Amanda Rushin - Jr High South
Tasia Sandlin - Central Elementary
Briley Saunders - Middle School North
Lizabeth Savage - Central Elementary
Kristen Schisler - Northside Elementary
Brooke Scogin - Cabot High School
Christopher Scott - Cabot High School
Diem Scott - Jr High South
Sonya Scroggins - Jr High North
Kelly Self - Southside Elementary
Holly Shannon - Jr High South
Jessica Sharp - Westside Elementary
Courtney Shepard - Cabot High School
Anthony Shepard - Freshman Academy
Ashley Shields - Southside Elementary
Michelle Shipley - Mt. Springs Elementary
Monica Short - Central Elementary
Katie Simmmons - Jr High South
Chandler Simonson - Southside Elementary
Leah Simpson - Cabot High School
Allie Simpson - Jr High North
Karla Sinclair - Middle School North
Mike Singleton - Middle School South
Kristy Sirmans - Cabot High School
Meaghan Sitzmann - Middle School South
Traci Slade - Middle School North
Beverly Smiley - Cabot High School
Danielle Smith - Central Elementary
Lindsey Smith - Magness Creek Elementary
Sydney Smith - Magness Creek Elementary
Victoria Smith - Mt. Springs Elementary
Danna Smith - Middle School North
Mary Smithey - Jr High South
Paula Snipes - Cabot High School
Meagan Snyder - Southside Elementary
Ricardo Souza - Cabot High School
Marian Souza - Middle School North
Marlee Sowell - Mt. Springs Elementary
Tammy Spann - Middle School North
Jesse Sparks - Magness Creek Elementary
Danny Spencer - Jr High North
Kait Spill - Westside Elementary
Tiffany Stein - Cabot High School
Kristen Steinmetz - Magness Creek Elementary
LeDena Stephens - Eastside Elementary
Dana Stiles - Cabot High School
Devine Stribling - Freshman Academy
Christopher Strode - Middle School South
Rebekah Styron - Middle School North
Kimberly Sullivan - Jr High North
Brittney Sullivan - Southside Elementary
Courtney Swilley - Northside Elementary
Mandy Tarrant - Magness Creek Elementary
Kent Tarvin - Jr High North
Kaylee Tarvin - Middle School North
Kara Taylor - Eastside Elementary
Tiffinie Taylor - Freshman Academy
Leah Taylor - Southside Elementary
Austin Taylor - Cabot Panther Academy
Jordan Tenison - Freshman Academy
Jennifer Thomas - Eastside Elementary
Suzanne Thomas - Freshman Academy
Vicki Thompson - Ward Central Elementary
Rachel Thurman - Eastside Elementary
Jayme Todd - Middle School North
Lisa Toms - Cabot High School
Diana Tran - Eastside Elementary
Staci Tucker - Jr High North
Samantha Turkia - Magness Creek Elementary
Justin Turner - Cabot High School
Sarah Turner - Freshman Academy
Lynn Turner - Jr High South
Kim Usery - Cabot High School
April Veazey - Cabot High School
Shirley Wade - Freshman Academy
Cindy Wade - Northside Elementary
Tina Walden - Northside Elementary
Barbie Walker - Freshman Academy
Whitney Walker - Westside Elementary
Caroline Walter - Middle School North
Mackenzie Watson - Magness Creek Elementary
Alex Webb - Stagecoach Elementary
Scott Wells - Freshman Academy
Mary West - Jr High South
Kathryn Westbrook - Southside Elementary
Kayleen Whaley Magness Creek Elementary
Jessica White - Mt. Springs Elementary
Linda Whitt - Southside Elementary
Shannon Wiggins - Freshman Academy
JoAnne Wilbanks - Ward Central Elementary
Sallie Willhite - Jr High North
Elizabeth Wilson - Cabot High School
Mindy Wilson - Magness Creek Elementary
Cindy Wilson - Northside Elementary
Kevin Winford - Middle School North
Julie Woods - Southside Elementary
Elizabeth Yielding - Cabot High School
Suzie Yielding Freshman Academy
Donna Young - Cabot High School
Amy Youngblood - Jr High South
Shelby Younge - Middle School North
Erica Zardo - Mt. Springs Elementary
Ashley Zimmerman - Middle School South
Danika Zweifel - Ward Central Elementary

Vision & Mission

The Cabot School District is committed to educating all students to be responsible citizens who value learning, treat others with
dignity and respect, and adapt successfully to the demands of the rapidly changing society.

The Cabot School District is committed to
"Preparing Today's Students for Tomorrow's Opportunities."