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Pre-K Initiative

Cabot Public Schools’ Pre-K program is a quality approved program, licensed through the Arkansas Department of Health. This year there will be seventeen pre-k classrooms across the district serving 340 four year old children.

These include five classrooms at Central Elementary, two classrooms at Magness Creek Elementary, two classrooms at Mountain Springs Elementary, three classrooms at Northside Elementary, three classrooms at Ward Central Elementary, and two classrooms at Westside Elementary.

Each of the pre-k classrooms throughout the district are lead by a certified teacher holding a P-4 Arkansas Teaching License. Also, in each classroom, are highly qualified paraprofessionals to assist in the care and education of each student.

In the past three years, Arkansas has received national recognition for its commitment to quality early education for our state’s Pre-K Programs. Cabot Public Schools is a leader in the promotion of early childhood education.

This program is able to utilize Arkansas Better Chance funding and HQPP funding. It also makes use of Title I and NSLA funds to help target at-risk/lower achieving students. Cabot Public Schools is proud to be a part of this huge step toward increasing school and lifelong success of our children.

Arkansas Better Chance for School Success
In 1991, the legislators of Arkansas enacted Act 212 creating Arkansas Better Chance with funding of $10 million. The program was designed to serve children through five years of age with a variety of developmental and economic risk factors. Additional funding was added in 2001 through a 3% excise tax on certain purchases to help fund early education. In 2003, Act 49 expanded ABC with the addition of $40 million in funding, creating the ABC for School Success program. The purpose of this ongoing expansion of early childhood quality educational opportunities is to increase the likelihood of academic success in an at-risk population. Again in 2005, the Legislature was able to add $20 million in funding for ABCSS. The total funding for ABC and ABCSS stands at over $71 million and will serve over 18,500 children of Arkansas.

Vision & Mission

The Cabot School District is committed to educating all students to be responsible citizens who value learning, treat others with
dignity and respect, and adapt successfully to the demands of the rapidly changing society.

The Cabot School District is committed to
"Preparing Today's Students for Tomorrow's Opportunities."