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Magness Creek’s Very Own Nemo!

November 10, 2021

Magness Creek Elementary is home to a long-time resident who spends his days clowning around. In fact, he gets to swim all day and is treated like a celebrity. He is even named after a Disney movie!

We are talking about Magness Creek’s very own NEMO!


When Rhonda Frey became the science teacher at Magness Creek Elementary in 2008, she wanted to have a school pet that students would love. Thirteen years later, Nemo the clownfish is alive and well and still calls Magness Creek home sweet home.


Even though Ms. Frey is now the Reading Interventionist, she has shown her commitment to Nemo by feeding him and maintaining his saltwater tank. She cleans the tank every one to two weeks and that includes the summer and holidays. Ms. Frey has even wrapped Nemo’s tank in blankets on the occasions when the power has gone out.

Nemo's Birthday

In 2018, Magness Creek students celebrated Nemo’s 10th birthday with a schoolwide birthday party. Each student received a cupcake and the classrooms went by the tank to wish Nemo a Happy 10th birthday. When the graduating class of 2020 returned to Magness Creek for their senior walk, they were shocked and excited to see Nemo still there!

The students and staff of Magness Creek love and appreciate Ms. Frey for her commitment to caring for Nemo all these years. He has definitely brought smiles and brightened days and we hope he continues to for a very long time!


Magness Creek's Very Own Nemo!

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