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Student Community Service Hours - New Update

November 13, 2023

The LEARNS Act 237 states a student must complete a minimum of 75 hours of documented community service in grades 9-12. This requirement begins with the graduating class of 2026-2027, our current 9th grade class and does not impact our current sophomores, juniors, or seniors.

The minimum number of community service hours for each grade level are the following:

Students in 9th grade: 15 hours
Students in 10th grade: 20 hours
Students in 11th grade: 20 hours
Students in 12th grade: 20 hours

Students attending the Cabot Public School District will earn their minimum amount of community service learning hours through embedded activities during the school day. Our current ninth grade class will earn their 15 hours through their Keystone class at Cabot Freshman Academy. Activities during the freshman’s C2G time will also be offered to students to receive their hours toward Community Service Learning.

Once students move to the high school, these hours will be connected to the curriculum and earned throughout the school year. Additionally, students have the option to bank hours as well if they receive community service learning hours through various activities with clubs or volunteer organizations.

Students will record their hours and reflect upon their work on a form provided by the district. The community service learning form will be housed in the student’s Student Success Plan. This plan follows our students throughout their high school career. Our students will turn in their documentation of required hours each year. Our Student Support Coordinator will review the submission to approve credit.

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