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Parental Involvement

According to a research study published by the Southwest Educational Development Laboratory (2002), students with involved parents, no matter what their income or background, are more likely to:

  • Earn higher grades and test scores, and enroll in higher-level programs

  • Be promoted, pass their classes, and earn credits

  • Attend school regularly

  • Have better social skills, show improved behavior and adapt well to school

  • Graduate and go on to post-secondary education

Parental Involvement is evident in many different areas. Parental Involvement at home includes things such as responding to school requests, helping with homework, providing study time and space, and maintaining high expectations for children’s achievement in school. Involvement in schools could entail communication with teachers, attending school functions, volunteering to help with activities, serving on school volunteer boards, and helping with fundraising. Parental Involvement also plays a role in the community in ways such as advocating for your school, supporting educational policies and bonds, and taking active roles in planning, developing, and governing education at the community level. Cabot Public Schools encourages parental involvement at all levels and on each school campus. Each school has a parent facilitator that can assist you in finding ways to become more involved in your child’s education.

The Arkansas Department of Education adheres to the state’s two mandated parental involvement laws in closing the achievement gap and providing quality parental involvement in all schools.

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Vision & Mission

The Cabot School District is committed to educating all students to be responsible citizens who value learning, treat others with
dignity and respect, and adapt successfully to the demands of the rapidly changing society.

The Cabot School District is committed to
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