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Student Expectations

Please emphasize with your student(s) the bus is an extension of the school and the same expectations and rules apply.  For bus riders, their school experience begins when they get on the bus in the morning and ends when they exit the bus in the afternoon.

Walking to the Bus Stop
It is important to establish procedures with your student to help them get to their bus stop safely.  They need to have a proper understanding of the right-of-way of vehicles.  Please stress the importance of how acting in an unsafe manner can result in accidents.
1. Leave home on time.  Being in a hurry to get to the bus can cause accidents.
2. Wear bright clothing when it is dark or if there is snow, rain, or fog.
3. Walk on a sidewalk whenever possible.  If one is not available, walk on the left edge of the road facing traffic.
4. Be aware of cars turning and cars backing out of driveways or garages.
5. Cross at the corner only after carefully checking both ways for vehicles.  Never cross the road in a curve—the motorist(s) cannot see you.
6. Obey all traffic signals (lights and signs).
7. Walk in a single file line when approaching the bus stop or bus.
8. Be respectful of other people’s property on the way to and from the bus stop.

Make sure students know the correct location to of the bus stop.  Emphasize the dangers resulting from horseplay and other poor choices at the bus stop.
Points to emphasize to students:
1. Be on time.    
2. Wait patiently.
3. Respect other people’s property.  Students can be held liable for damage to property at the bus stop as a result of their actions.
4. Do not leave trash at the bus stop.
5. Students should stand at least 10 feet from the roadway while waiting for the bus.
6. Students crossing the roadway to board the bus should look in both directions for traffic and wait for the bus driver to signal before crossing the road.  Students should walk in front of the bus in a single file line.
7. Use the handrail when boarding the bus. Take one step at a time.

Well behaved students are necessary for the driver to provide a safe bus ride.  Drivers must concentrate on driving and student cooperation is necessary to keep the bus safe and on schedule.
Safety rules for students/passengers:
1. We boarding the bus, walk immediately to your assigned seat and remain seated until the bus reaches its destination and comes to a complete stop.
2. Passengers should be quiet at railroad crossings.  This allows the bus driver to hear railroad warning signals.
3. Keep the aisle of the bus clear.  Students should keep any personal belongings in their lap.
4. Keep the bus clean.
5. Keep your head, arms, and hands inside the bus at all times.
6. Talk quietly with others around you so you won’t distract the bus driver.  Refrain from making loud noises.
7. Obey the bus driver's directions.
8. Never throw objects on or around the bus or outside the windows.

1. Stay in your assigned seat until the bus comes to a complete stop.
2. Leave the bus in an orderly manner.  Do not push or shove.
3. Use the handrail and take one step at a time when leaving the bus.
4. If you have to cross the road, walk around the crossing arm in front of the bus.  Look carefully in both directions and wait until the driver signals you to cross. Cross quickly, but do not run. Help younger children cross the road safely.
5. If your home is on the right side of the road, go directly to the driveway where the driver can always see you.
6. Don't stop at the mailbox until the bus leaves the area.

Vision & Mission

The Cabot School District is committed to educating all students to be responsible citizens who value learning, treat others with
dignity and respect, and adapt successfully to the demands of the rapidly changing society.

The Cabot School District is committed to
"Preparing Today's Students for Tomorrow's Opportunities."